Mr. Apanisile Samuel Temitope

Fellow of the American Academy of Project Management and the American Academy of Financial Management, Associate Member of the Institute of Investment Management and Research ,Enterprise Risk Management Certified Professional, and Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (Educator).

The firm is managed by Mr. Apanisile Samuel Temitope. He’s into the business of making you get value from your mind rather than from your muscles! His greatest asset is MAN and that’s why he’s dedicated to building men & women who build Organisations, Societies, Projects and Products that can achieve goals™
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Conditions are always changing which creates uncertainty and instability. So, I help in designing, diagnosing & developing projects, portfolios & organizations to continue to survive & thrive by generating better outcomes under any condition. These days, I do it by helping organizations improve their cognitive operations to advance transactional returns.

I also lead the awareness/benefits of the true view of enterprise risk management and administer the professional competency assessment of the prestigious ERMA Global in West Africa.

Leading the commodity trading advisory for Netcad Solution Limited, a registered field broker of the Nigeria Commodity Exchange (NCX) is also what I enjoy doing.

Noting, that most of the transactional aspect of enterprise management (such as systems, processes & tools) has been digitalized, Samuel is presently shifting management focus to the holistic perspective of organization by advancing the human intelligence side of business where true digital transformation (in decision-making, stakeholders communication and uncertainty monitoring & control) reside.

Do you notice with me that people tend to codify past successful practices into rules for the future and give energy to preserving and enforcing these rules even after they no longer apply? Indeed, traditional procedures and practices die hard! So, I’m also leading the charge for short professional e-learning courses.

It’s high time you climbed the ladder of success that is leaning against the right wall of that supports the Power of 3(TM). I have built and building Execution Support Practice around the shared goals of Project, Financial and Enterprise Risk Management = Moving you & your entities to 3.0