The firm is managed by Mr. Apanisile Samuel Temitope. He’s into the business of making you get value from your mind rather than from your muscles! His greatest asset is MAN and that’s why he’s dedicated to building men & women who build Organisations, Societies, Projects and Products that can achieve goals™.

His goal is to continually make engaged organisations achieve their objectives by totally removing their risk management &governance frustrations while fulfilling their risk management dreams and continually guiding their business uncertainties away from threats and toward opportunities using better Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) approach.

He is a SEC Licensed Corporate Investment Adviser, Licensed Commodities Trading Advisor, an Enterprise Risk Management Certified Professional, Certified International Project Manager and a Human Resource Integrator. He’s Except-ional™.

Samuel don’t only build bridges, he also deliver destinations by helping professionals rise to the top™.

Furthermore, It seems that people tend to codify past successful practices into rules for the future and give energy to preserving and enforcing these rules even after they no longer apply. Indeed, traditional procedures and practices die hard!

It is high time you climbed the ladder of success that is leaning against the right wall of Support Power of 3(TM). I have built and building Execution Support Practice around the shared goals of Project Management, Financial Management and Enterprise Risk Management.

Mr Samuel Temitope Apanisile is the Pan Nigeria Director of:

–       Global Academy of Financial Management (GAFM) :

–       American Academy of Project Management (AAPM) :

–       Enterprise Risk Management Academy (ERMA) :

–       International Management Consultants Board (IMCB) :

–       Institute of Certified E-commerce Consultant (ICECC)

Regional Director of

–       Enterprise Risk Management Academy (ERMA Africa):

National Consultant to:

–       Institute of Investment Management and Research (IIMR) :

–       Netcad Solution Limited (Full service Commodity Trading Advisory Firm in Nigeria) :