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As organizations and individuals around the world contemplate their  invetsment strategies, then arise the need for a more articulated and well-researched management professionals.
•    How do investors and employers measure these qualities?
•    How can investment professionals verify their adherence to the highest ethical standards?
•    How do they continually improve on their performance and build their capacities on investment process while demonstrating their expertise in applying this knowledge to practical situationS?
Pmconsultings™’ executive management trainings provides answers to the above by offering the following Global Professional Qualifying Trainings such as:
•    Certified Wealth Manager(CWM)
•    Registered Financial Specilaist(RFS)
•    Master Financial Professional(MFP)
•    Master Islamic Banking Wealth Manager (MIWM)
•    Certified Risk Analyst(CRA)
•    Chartered Portfolio Manager (CPM)
•    Chartered Assest Manager (CAM)
•    And much more

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